EVERYONE wants to make Extra Money From The Internet, Right?

oldbuddy is my nickname on the Internet.If they knew how simple it was and how little time it actually takes, there would be a lot more doing it.

But the truth is, just like some people don't care to eat shaved ice when they visit Hawaii, they don't know what they are missing.

You can get started absolutely free viewing advertising online, then snowball your meager earnings into a life changing BONUS to enjoy your free time a lot more.

This is from just one program!

Where Does The Money Come From?

This is a question I ask before I join anything online! (and you should too)

In this case, it comes from a $10 subscription fee (plus a $1.50 service fee) for some basic tools everyone needs to promote anything online. They pay me the whole $10 for every person under me and they keep the service fee to keep the servers running. This happens every month, even if I am in Hawaii.

But I Don't Have $10 in my budget.

I didn't either when I first started, so since I live in the United States I joined a free program (with NO upgrade fees) to Click Cents and now I have enough to join anything I want to (and buy a lot more shaved ice).

Free Money at FusionCash!

If you live in the US or Not, there are more than enough free programs to Click Cents on to satisfy anyone who needs them and you can find them with personal input on forums that will even pay you to post.

More Money Just Shows Up!.

This is the most amazing thing about the Internet (In My Opinion). The more I browse around and talk to people I meet online, the more the money seems to come out of the woodwork.

For example, an aquaintance I made on another website suggested I use some free advertising that had been working well for him. (There is a big difference between posting links and sharing ideas with people who know, like and trust you).

I gave it a try and after just a few hours I had to agree with him, so I have been using it every day with very good results. Remember, I started using it because everyone needs good advertising (Especially good free advertising). I had no idea it was going to more than pay for my tools subscription too. In a few days I had my upgrade to Pro ((For Free) and before the month was out I made the 1K Club (Also Free) and my Commissions keep on going up. I love getting paid for what I would do anyway!

Get Paid To Advertise
Click Here To Join Free and See For Yourself

Is That It?

Good question!

Actually there is a lot more and I run into even more as I stay active and I share it on all my various websites and videos.

I did try following the Internet Gurus who say the Money Is In The List, but that never worked for me. Now I spend my time visiting forums and communities where people get to know me and like what I share, so they come and find what's new on my plans. In other words, I don't chase you, I just make it easy for you to find me (if you want to).

Learning New Skills

If there is one thing I am most thankful for (in regards to my Internet journey), it's that I took the time to learn how to create my own stuff. I have edited thousands of web pages to fit my own agenda, edited graphics files that you can do free with Pixlr.com and learned to write my own copy that has yielded more referrals for various programs and website ventures than I can even count.

I got my start clicking ads for pennies and I still do it today. Some people think it's a waste of time, but I sit around in the evenings watching TV anyway, so why not multi-task with my laptop at the same time.

I learned that getting referrals is where the easy money is, so I started using All In One Profits (this is one of my referrals link), where I get all the tools I need to set up quick web pages and all the tools I need to promote them. It's not free, but the money I earned clicking cents paid for it until my commissions more than cover the cost. To be honest, the reason I could make it pay from day one was because I know people I have worked with in the past (that know, like and trust me). That is the position you want to be in and I can help you get there once you get started.

If you are the least bit interested in this stuff, hooking up with me is like getting a free paid scholorship to an Internet Marketing University along with a personal mentor that can eventually help you turn this into an income, by using skills that will last for a lifetime!

Tutorial Videos You Can Use

Create Splash Pages

This shows how to use my favorite Splash Page template without paying any fees to create all you want.

Another Upload Method

Another method to upload your finished splash page to the Internet so your visitors can see it.

YES Free Banners Still Work

When I started using Free Advertising For You it surprised me how well banners work on there and this video shows how to make all you want for free.

Easyest Side Gig EVER (USA)

All I Do is keep this running on the side ANYTIME I use my computer for anything.

(More Videos Coming)

I enjoy making videos, so if you have something you need to learn let me know.